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Dipl. Ing. Roseciana Kreye-Suherman, interior designer BDIA,

Feng Shui adviser , EFGB ,

Radiaesthesia adviser,  RDv.


What is Feng Shui?


Feng Shui is knowledge of wind and water




Feng Shui focuses on the energy which arises from the arrangement of:

     Landscape structures

     Urban development issues

     Building formations

     Room layouts

     Furniture placement

in relation to each other and their environment.



It describes the energy quality of our natural and artificially created environment and offers us directly applicable tools to achieve favourable constellations, which prevent or improve unfavourable situations.




How does it work?



The universe is a huge energy field.

Knowledge of Feng Shui is the study of this energy. The entire cosmos is a shimmering network of communication. Vibrations flow through this energy network at an unbelievable speed. Although our senses seem to perceive a world of separate shapes, everything we perceive is a spectrum of vitality.



Benefits and advantages



§   For more vitality and also for health.


§   For more concentration and more successful learning supported by the harmonious environment.

§   Receive material and immaterial riches by using nature's gifts and integrating them into our lives.

§   A lot of people spend more than half their lives in a building. If the atmosphere there does not support you, this situation can lead to stress and constant pressure.










Where does this knowledge come from?

Taoism, the teachings of emptiness and fulfilment. The path towards balance.



Feng Shui is an integral part of ancient Chinese tradition and is used in

architecture and interior design.





The first reports of Feng Shui and its application in the art of living are reputed to date back to the Shang Dynasty around 2200 BC. It was highly valued, expanded and refined in the course of Chinese history with the change in the ruling dynasties.


Like the circle of life



Feng Shui is more than old wisdom about the laws of the wind, water and the cosmos. Because when you understand and apply it, you understand the underlying nature of all things and the fundamental structure of the universe for well-being, happiness and satisfaction. The basic principle is that people in their homes are in harmony with their natural environment. They should form a unit, complement each other, and nourish each other like the cycle of life.


Is it applicable to Europeans?



Feng Shui is described in English as geomancy, In terms of content it also has a lot of similarities with the almost lost knowledge of European geomancy. However, Feng Shui is more extensive than what we know about geomancy today. The experiences with application made by Chinese immigrants and by other Feng Shui users on the American, Australian and European continents, as well as in other Asian countries outside China have shown that it is effective and works everywhere.